M16 – better than Kalashnikov?

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The fact that the Kalashnikov rifle (AK/AKM/colloquially “AK-47”) is the greatest legend among small arms, has been a well known fact for a long time. Tens of millions of copies were produced, in various…

Who is a “Sniper”

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For decades, Hollywood has been serving us the image of the mythical sniper as a lone wolf shooting at distances of up to two kilometers from a rifle carried in a suitcase in several…

Gun categorization

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As you may know, there are many various types of guns. Overall, except for certain specialized cases, small arms are those whose caliber, i.e. the smallest inner diameter of the barrel, does not exceed…

A place for everyone

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Cracow Shooting Academy is a company that offers a wide variety of shooting activities using real firearms. Our clients can choose from options for individuals as well as groups. Shooting sessions in our facility…

How Kalashnikov works

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Assault rifle constructed by Mikhail Kalashnikov is a weapon so widespread that it can be easily assumed that it has participated in every armed conflict since its inception. AK (rus. aвтомат Калашников) has served…