Caliber 7,62mm

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If the researchers from the Family Feud asked at a major city downtown what calibers they know, the most scored answer would be the caliber 7.62 mm, right next to 9 mm. Movies, games,…

“Combat” shooting

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Due to the events taking place in Ukraine, there is a growing interest in combat, defense and tactical shooting. All of these terms describe one vast and difficult-to-learn type of skill. Combat shooting consists…

Long range shooting

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Do you like chess? Or maybe golf? This may mean that you will also like long-range shooting. Repeatedly hitting targets at 300, 600, 800m and longer distances is a game of patience, precision, focus,…

Sport shooting

kategoria: curiosities
Sport shooting is a very broad term. In this article, we will try to explain to you which sports disciplines it covers, in which competitions you can take part and in which directions to…

What to do during holidays in Krakow?

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Krakow is a frequently chosen holiday destination by tourists from Poland and abroad. The multitude of monuments and various attractions encourage you to spend both shorter and longer holidays in Krakow. Krakow is a…

Shooter’s patent exam

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A shooting patent is the first document to be obtained on the way to a firearms license for sports purposes. The exam is also the biggest obstacle on this path. Therefore, in this article,…

Get a polish gun permit

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Are you from abroad but live in Poland? If you’re a polish resident you can have a gunpermit just like any citizen! You will have one hoop to jump trough, but we’ll get to…

Safety first at the shooting range

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Real guns, loud bangs, flying shell casings, adrenaline, excitement – doesn’t sound like a safe combo, does it? At first glance, that may be right. But when asked – any employee of any facility…

Shooting instructor course – worth it?

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Many people who are licensed to own a firearm, after spending some time developing their skills, start to think about working in this industry. Others simply want to pass on the acquired knowledge, and…