Black powder weapons and the law in Poland

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In Poland, there is a belief that firearms are something inaccessible, elitist and difficult to obtain. We mean modern firearms, handguns, rifles, shotguns and…

Classics at CSA

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Cracow Shooting Academy’s offer contains dozens of models. You can try out modern firearms, currently used in the army and police, as well as…

Glock – Kalashnikov among pistols

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Austrian Glock semi-automatic pistols are considered the most durable and reliable models among weapons of this type. They can work while dirty, without lubrication,…

M16 – better than Kalashnikov?

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The fact that the Kalashnikov rifle (AK/AKM/colloquially “AK-47”) is the greatest legend among small arms, has been a well known fact for a long…

Gun categorization

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As you may know, there are many various types of guns. Overall, except for certain specialized cases, small arms are those whose caliber, i.e.…

How Kalashnikov works

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Assault rifle constructed by Mikhail Kalashnikov is a weapon so widespread that it can be easily assumed that it has participated in every armed…