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Stag night party Krakow

Bachelor party in Krakow

The day of your stag party is coming, and you still have no idea how to spend it? Games in men’s group must be extreme and raise adrenaline! Let us introduce you to a plan.

The stag party in Krakow? Why not!

Krakow is the perfect place to organize a stag party. This city is very well communicated with the airport and offers a variety of attractions for real guys – especially in the evenings … Do you know what we mean? Probably yes! Lots of tourists choose Krakow for their stag parties. Try it and you won’t regret it!

What attractions to choose for a bachelor party?

First of all, we recommend visiting the shooting range. It will be a typically male outing. You, colleagues and rifles. Think about the emotions that will accompany you when you stand with rifles and start competing.

In the Cracow Shooting Academy, you shoot a few rounds of AK-47 Kalashnikov assault rifle, return shots to the target with a Taurus .357 Magnum revolver or try the potential of the UZI machine gun. Does it sound interesting? Definitely! This is obviously not all the weapons we have on offer.

Our experienced instructors will be happy to help you choose the best type of weapon. You will also be trained in the safety and use of firearms. Each shooter will know the correct shooting position and shooting technique. You will be provided with safety glasses and earmuffs. Having fun is very important, but it must be safe!
Do you know which weapon you choose? Smaller sports rifle, 9 mm pistol, AK-47 shotgun or model of weapons from the Second World War? Just tell us what your dream is, and we will try to fulfil it and launch your emotions to the highest level!

We have also prepared some interesting shooting packages. You can choose one of them or ask for a dedicated one on your stag party.

It’s still not everything! For organized groups, we offer transport by bus.

A stag party without a healthy male rivalry would soon be forgotten. We guarantee that we won’t allow it! You will feel like a hero of an action movie! Make your dreams come true and with your friends visit our shooting range during the stag party!

We can provide transportation , mini-buses, limousines and taxi.

Do you want to make a reservation for a stag party? Contact us and we will help you organize everything.

Please contact us to discuss details.